Train burn rehabilitation professionals
Burn survivors of the August 1 Kaohsiung Gas Explosion Rebuild Their Lives 2016-08-01
  Two years after the disaster, some burn survivors are ready to graduate and return to their normal life.
2015 Annual Report of Sunshine Foundation is now available online 2016-06-28
  Sunshine Foundation is proud to announce the availability of our 2015 Annual Report (English version), which can be downloaded online as a PDF file.
One year later... Survivors of the Water Park Explosion share their stories of recovery 2016-06-27
  Burn survivors of the Water Park Explosion take the stage to promote Face Equality and unveil a preview of their documentary film
Sunshine celebrates Face Equality Day 2016-05-17
  It’s with the slogan WE ARE THE SAME that Sunshine Foundation launched this year’s Face Equality Day celebrations.
Update on services for victims of Kaohsiung's Gas Explosion 2016-02-05
  This report offers an overview of services since August 2014.
2015 Service report on Sunshine's intervention following the Taipei Water Park Explosion 2016-01-14
  This report covers the period from June 27, 2015 to December 31, 2015.
Six months later, victims of the Water Park Explosion are getting better and better 2015-12-31
  Burn survivor CHEN Chi-Chin shares his story of recovery
Helping 500 women burn survivors in India rebuild their lives 2015-12-31
  Sunshine Foundation initiated a three-year cooperation project in 2013 in Chennai, India to help a local organization set up a Care Center for women burn survivors.